Saturday, 10 October 2009


I'm rather ashamed as i looked at the last date that i posted on here. For anyone that is reading this and cares where i have been, we have had a chaotic summer in our circuit that only convinces me further how ridiculous and how limited our British Methodist Circuit system is.

Anyway, i'll take another time to rehearse my white-hot passion against Circuits, i want to try and be a bit more positive today. I've just come back from the Executive Committee of MET - Methodist Evangelicals Together - a group within British Methodism that prays for and seeks the renewal of God's church and a rediscovery of the wonderful timeless truths of Scriptures.

We gathered at Cliff College for 24 hours and i was amazed that even as we discussed our work in the context of a business meeting - not unlike a church council - what a difference it makes when each are committed to a common aim. Maybe i am being naieve, but i didn't detect much hint of people wanting to force their own agenda, people were curteous and there seemed to be a common commitment to love and serve our denomination. I contrast this with so many meetings at various levels within the life of the church that seem to forget the common cause of 'our movement' and descend into anarchic, aggressive confrontation!

I have church councils this week on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and i wonder whether the same vision and desire for the Kingdom will be present in them? Will decisions be made in the spirit of prayer and openness? Will someone come and force their agenda on others?

The meeting did much to encourage a very disenchanted and disillusioned minister (me) who has spent more time looking for other jobs recently than anything else it seemed, and reminded me that i am not alone, there are others in our connexion thta fast, pray, preach towards and long to see God's church grow downwards and outwards, in depth and in number and believe that as we seek the empowering of God's Spirit, through Jesus our Saviour, then God will surely bless us in inumerable ways.

Lastly, the term 'evangelical' can often be a banner for some to wave or a barrier for others so i encourage you to check out the MET website and maybe get your hands on a copy of our magazine, MET Connexion and see whether this movement maybe a source of God's blessing to you and your congregation.

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