Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Set apart for the Lord

Now into Numbers and the census that fills the first four chapters and beyond. Not much that i've noticed of any significance in the records of clans and families so far apart from the tribe of Levi being set apart for service of the Lord. The Levites are tasked with the maintaining the tabernacle and tent of meeting, and providing the priests in order that worship can take place. The Levites by their selection to this role become in many sense the spiritual descendants of Aaron the high priest of Israel.

Only couple of thoughts are how privileged i am to be set apart for the Lord in terms of my employment. I don't believe that i have a special priestly ministry that makes me different from any other Christian, but i do have the privilege of being given a liveable wage to work and pray in the communities that i'm placed in. In this very functional but important way, i am set apart for the Lord, i am a Levite.

But then, aren't all God's people levites? Are not all God's people spiritual descendants of Aaron called upon to offer worship and intercession on behalf of our communities and our world? Aren't all God's people set apart as citizens of heaven, called to shine like stars in the universe, standing out, living differently from the world at large, because we are set apart to serve the Lord. If this is the case what on earth would the church look like if we took this seriously? How can we live set apart but not isolated and  as hermits?

Amazing that out of seemingly dull passages time and time again, God gives plenty to think about.

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