Thursday, 17 November 2011

1 Chronicles...

After eventually catching up on my reading plan and finding myself where i should be on the set day, here are some thoughts of mine from 1 Chronicles mid way through.

1 Chr 13:4 - David is discussing with the people whether to bring the ark of the covenant, the precious symbol of God's presence back to Jerusalem. Instead of ploughing ahead regardless, the community discuss and ponder and because "it seemed right to all the people" they press ahead. Surely this is one of the many forerunners of the Wesleyan tradition that we discern God's will in the community of God's people. If God is leading us such a way, we trust that the spirits of the saints, witness with what we are suggesting, or have a sense of a similar direction. The key of course is people, listening to the Lord when engaging in such a process.

1 Chr 13:10 - the anger of the Lord burning against Uzzah for seeking to steady the ark. On one hand it re-enforces the sacredness and pure holiness of God and the one thing that symbolises His presence that a mere mortal cannot just touch His holy ark, but on the other, Uzzah is only wanting to stop the ark from crashing to the ground - surely far more shameful??

1 Chr 15:13 perhaps sheds some more light on the above - David and the people did not enquire of the Lord for directions for how to move the ark. A sobering warning to churches and Christian people everywhere, what harm is there in enquiring of the Lord in even the most mundane of decisions or processes?

1 Chr 15:29 - Michal doesn't take to David's celebrating and dancing. So often the case that those who are hard hearted are unable to embrace the joy of others so much so that it turns to resentment. This is seen in local churches up and down the land every week! Does a heart really given over to the Lord have the ability to embrace joyous celebration of God's goodness even if it isn't their style? I think so! Any Michal's in my church, watch out!

1 Chr 16 - great prayer of praise and celebration. Inspired me to preach a series - 'great prayers of the Bible'. Should tie in next summer nicely with our District's year of prayer.

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