Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Covenant for 2013...

Today, Tuesday January 1st, 2013 I covenant myself again to the God who created me, forms me and to whom I owe my life. As I reflect on another year passed, I'm struck by the comfort I've eased into. I'm very much aware that my commitment to God sounds great from my mouth, but looks all so different in the choices I make and the energies that I exert. This is no guilt trip but a chance to commit myself to live as best as I know how for the pleasure and glory of King Jesus in 2013.

In the tradition that I've come from the place to do this liturgically would be at the end of a celebration where prayer and encouragement are offered once one has stood, or 'come forward' as a sign of movement in the soul.

I have no celebration here tonight, I have no prayer team or band playing Christian mood music, but in some small way, this is my public response to the altar call in my heart, which beckons me again, to live the dream of a life after God.

A few updates may follow at some stage, but I'm already excited to be following a bit more deliberately tonight and for the year ahead after Jesus. Anyone want to join me at the front?

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