Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Being away

Holiday's are so lush and i'm on one at the moment, spending a little time with my lovely wife in West Wales. I don't have my laptop with me - deliberately - so internet access is only available through this quirky (and slightly random) internet cafe in Narberth, Pembrokshire. It's run by Grace Church, Narberth - a church i know nothing about - and we've just had brocolli soup for lunch with cheese and bread.

Previous to this i've had my creative juices flowing nice and good because we've been painting pottery! It was so uch fun. When i get my wonderful giraffe back from the kiln i promise to post a picture here - it may well be the first picture of the blog! Surely you can hardly contain yourselves!

Anyway this is enough for today because i'm on holiday and can't be bothered to think deeply about anything at all so will return to the corner with my latte and talk to Laura - that's more appealing i'm afraid.

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Keith said...

sounds like a good holiday - will we see the giraffe anytime?!