Thursday, 9 October 2008


Yesterday was an interesting day. I went to my monthly meeting of Under 5's - people in North Lancashire who have been in formal public ministry in the Methodist or URC Churches for under five years. It's always a good place to be, nice coffee, good biscuits and pleasant people. It seems strange to find all these people of different ages and backgrounds passionate about God and connecting Him with people and people with Him as well as being committed to working out their ministry within the confines of the church. Why does God keep calling people into institutions? Aren't they on the way out to be replaced by different ways of doing and being church? If God has finished with Methodism why are more and more creative and innovative people being called into it? I guess these questions are at the heart of where i'm at with myself at the minute.

One of the reasons for starting this blog was to get down on paper or screen the many things that have been buzzing around my head for the last few months. The key question which i am exploring (and living to some degree) is does God want to turn around, renew, restore, revive, revitalise (any of those type of words) churches that are in a traditional mode. Is it God's will? Or is He happy for them to continue in present form reaching a limited number of people for the minute, slowly decreasing until they die completely, to be replaced with different ways of being and doing church? This question cuts to the heart of my work identity as a Methodist Minister of three traditional churches - centred around buildings, hymns, worship largely focussed through one person at the front - my identity as a Christian - what does God want me to be and do? How can i build community as a disciple of Jesus?- and my identity as a human being - the need to relate and be in community with others. It seems that all the conversations i have with people about theology and the practical application of Christian faith centres around this crucial question. Maybe blogging over the next few weeks and months will help me work out some answers!

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Welcome to the world of Methodist bloggers - look forward to rading more of your thoughts in the coming days and weeks