Tuesday, 2 February 2010

a close encounter with ants....

So, first of all, i used the title to capture your attention! We have been painting the mural today under Stella's gentle supervision and encouragement (she is back with avengance!!) and i have to say, it is 90% done and looks pretty good. We all helped but due to the height and situe of the wall it meant squaltting or lying on the floor amid dozens of ants in order to get this done - it actually wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it was nice to feel like we were giving something tangible back to these children and staff who have given us so much.

I was permitted the white and so i have proudly contributed to the mural, general white snow, three sheep and a white house. I am proud of what i have acheived but sad that Stella didn't give me a gold star at the end of the afternoon but not a bad acheievement in 35 degrees all afternoon while fending off exciteable but mischeivous children!

Tomorrow will be finishing off the mural and banner, thursday will be souvenir shopping and friday we will begin our journey home. I cannot belive there are only 3 sleeps left, it means that i will have to begin to think up a way, somehow of communicating our experiences when we get back. We'll chat tomorrow!

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