Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sistine Chapel takes four years, only two days for Kanlungan Mural

And so it is that the mural is complete! I added nothing to todays efforst as the detail and intricacy was way above my pay grade. The highlight of today's artistry was Stella's free-hand painting of Nemo in the sea, something that was quite amazing to witness and watch, at least so thought little Christian who was squatted motionless in awe of Mrs B's talents!

The mural has been compiled from designs from school children from Wheatley Lane. There was a competition in school to design a mural based on Lancashire and the winning ideas have been merged to make the final design. Sadly i can't post pics yet as we have no way of connecting camera's/phones to the computer in our hotel, but no dobut they will be available soon. The final design consists of familiar Lancashire symbols - Pendle Hill, Wheatley Lane Methodist Church, sheep, a Lancashire Rose, flowers, butterflies, snow, a big sunshine, a lightning cloud suspiciously close to the top of the church and, of course, that famous lancashire fish - nemo??!!!

The centrepiece is a huge rainbow that has on it, 'Joy in the Lord' and it looks fantastic, although i cannot claim much credit - my colleagues doing the lion's share of the work.

I instead spent my time sticking! First letters for the banner and then people's hand cut-outs and the banner that we have now presented to Kanlungan of hands from Wheatley Lane looks pretty spectacular it has to be said. Kanlungan are sending with us a set of hand cut outs of all their children so as they have a banner from us, we shall hang in our church (not sure where as yet!!) a reciprocal banner with the children's hands - its a nice physical exoression of the link that am sure has grown and will continue to grow over the next few months.

Tomorrow is a shopping day for souvenirs and gifts and then we begin our return on Friday so i expect tomorrow to be the last post until after the weekend. I realise that this week's blogs have been far more light and frothy, and perhaps not as engaging, i will try and paint the whole experience in some sort of balance and context tomorrow when i wrap up my impressions of the whole trip.

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