Monday, 11 July 2011

In the beginning

So today I began a challenge that i've always wanted to undertake but have always put off to another time. I am reading the Bible from cover to cover in canonical order (i.e. beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation). I've already read my reading for this morning Genesis 1-3 and noticed some interesting questions which i would love some insight into from the two people likely to read this post. More on that in a bit.

Because i'm useless at being disciplined i have invited a group of people from the circuit to join me in this endeavour, something that has received a really good numerical response (to my surprise). And so about 15 of us are reading the Bible together from cover to cover and meeting weekly in two classes (small groups) to share our experiences, discuss what we've read, pray for one another and spur each other on through Leviticus and Proverbs in particular. I'm attempting to be just a participant in this process and not the leader/teacher - we shall see how successful this is!

2 questions arose today from my reading of Genesis 1-3. Firstly, Gen 2:17 - God tells Adam & Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil for if they do, they will die. They do but don't. I.e. they eat, but are still alive. Is God lying? (btw i am not reading this text as scientific history but more as poetry/liturgy but still?) Or does God mean that by eating the fruit, sin enters the world which leads to death? Were Adam and Eve immortal until eating the fruit?

Secondly, noticed that in Gen 3:16 as part of God's curse after the fall, man assumes dominion over woman. If this is post-fall, then this gives weight to the argument re: male headship is not what God intended. But, taking some NT passages in mind, is this the way to organise ourselves in a fallen world?

Just musings, any input would be gratefully received, but if not, my reading group will surely have some interesting insights.

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