Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Noah - the first picture of salvation

So today i moved through Genesis 6-9 and took in the fascinating story of Noah. There are lovely little bits where 'God remembered Noah' and others and its a great bit of story telling - almost designed in some ways for a young audience.

Reflecting as i read, that this is the first salvation/rescue story in Scripture. This is the first time that the idea of God saving people and His creation (however limited a part of creation) enters the fore and its hard to read the story at face value and not read it through the lens of Jesus.

I've so often told people that we understand the OT through the lens of the NT and vice versa, and think there is much in that, certainly if we read Scripture as one narrative rather than proof texting - but am also aware of the failures of exegesis in this way. For now, i'll continue with my poor exegesis - this is a devotional exercise, not a scholarly one!

Lots of parallels with the cross in terms of salvation. Firstly, that God makes a way out from His judgement. He never seems to leave humanity without a choice of escape, and in the ark of Noah and in the cross, God offers a way of rescue for all.

There is the wooden ark that is the passage to rescue, as well as the wooden cross of Calvary, as well as God's assurance following the flood of safety and love. The rainbow is a great picture of God's promises and His faithfulness. A sign of God's continued rescue and love for generations. It is a reminder of the faithfulness and mercy of God, in many ways like the empty cross and empty tomb.

There is much to be questioned and challenge in this story, but for me, its exciting that 3 days in to this journey through scripture, already salvation and rescue take centre stage.

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Joe said...

I like that. salvation "on the third day"


Am enjoying the reflections brother. Keep them coming!