Sunday, 24 January 2010

and so the eagles have landed...

And so i find my self at 5:03am in the morning after sleeping for about a total of 3 hrs in the last 36 sat at a computer because i'm jet lagged and can't sleep.

We've arrived safely at our hotel which seems quite nice on initial inspection and the air-con works so frankly what else do you need. I'm sat here in t-shirt, shorts and flip fops at 5 in the morning and am already hot!

Miraculously we managed to navigate 3 airports without getting lost, arrested or on the wrong plane and we were greeted like long lost friends by Sol, some other Kanlungan staff and Frank & Esther when we arrived at Manila Airport (pictured). Just the brief drive through Manila proved to us that this is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with loads of culture about it. It proves to be an interesting time just being here among a totally different culture let alone having the experiences of Kanlungan's work.

The last thing to say was that it was such a joy to be greeted at the airport by Sol. She is the manager of Kanlungan and i had met her briefly a couple of years ago after a short stay in Lancashire. I had forgotten how much of Jesus radiates from Sol. She was such a bundle of love and joy as we arrived and am certain that we will end up being greatly blessed just by being around her and the team. With any luck, i will post tomorrow after having some sleep!

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