Saturday, 23 January 2010

Fly away....

So, after weeks and months of frankly trying to ignore and forget the fact that i'm off to the Philippines, in about an hour's time a taxi will pick me up and away we shall go. For those who don't know, i'm off to Manila, Philippines to view a project that my church, Wheatley Lane Methodist Church supports financially etc. The project is called Kanlungan sa-Erma and is a charity that works with disadvantaged children in Manila, educating, rehabilitating and supporting them and their families from their standpoint as a Christian ministry. I'm going with four other people to see what the project does on a day to day basis, to see where the money we have sent is being spent and to bring greetings and encouragement from our church to the project.

As i type now, apprehension rather than excitement is the driving emotion. I've never flown this far before, the furthest i've been is Poland or Kosova, i'm with people i've never travelled with before (and am never likely to travel again with), lovely though they are all by the way, i'm leaving Laura behind, this is the longest we've been apart since we've been married and i'm expecting the trip to be quite harrowing in places, certainly deeply challenging if nothing else.

My intention is to blog each day, we'll see whether that's actually possible and it will surely be interesting to read this post in hindsight of the next two weeks! Happy fortnight everyone!

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c.eldon said...

God bless you all on your trip and we look forward to hearing your adventures