Sunday, 31 January 2010

Church, chat and a chuffing good time!

This morning began at some ridiculous hour when we set off for church which started at 8:30am!!!! The church was Union Church, Manila (pictured) which Esther & Frank attend. The service was cool, but for a big church the people were incredibly welcoming. We shared greetings in the service also which was a nice thing to do.

After coffee we headed to a mall and had breakfast and more coffee, a nice time together and then headed back to Esther & Frank's apartment complex for the afternoon. Today was our day off and it was spent in near luxury. Esther & Frank were amazing hosts as we swam in the pool and spent the afternoon relaxing and chatting. It was great when some of the Kanlungan staff joined us and we were able to share with them also. Before too long Joe Wilson rang from Radio Lancs and we chatted briefly on air about our experiences which if nothing else, perhaps has raised the profile of Kanlungan in Lancashire.

Not long after this we spent the evening courtesy of Frank & Esther at a Filipino restaurant and honestly i can say i had the most fun for a long while. It was great to laugh and share with more of the staff and they have asked me to share at devotions tomorrow - something which is a priviledge but also frightening as they all seem to know and love the Lord far more than i do!! However, just to prove their normality - all the women fled at once from the restaurant to see Derek Ramsay (below) who is a famous film star in the Philippines. Apparently he was more of an attraction than Tony, Frank or i.

Its great to be with the Filipino's, they are so much fun and so compassionate - whcih i wish i could say was the case with our group. After stubbing my toe badly on getting out of the pool, what i recieved from my fellow travellers wasn't sympathy but howling laughter. They could all leanr something from our hosts me thinks!

Finally, for thos reading this at Wheatley Lane, Stella hasn't been very well for the last couple of days, nothing serious just a tummy bug. Please pray for her recovery and revitalisation.

Back to the trip proper tomorrow and feeling really refreshed and positive about the week ahead!

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